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Jordie Janes Psychic Medium

Connecting to spirit with Heart & Soul

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Meet Jordie

Jordie is a passionate and caring Medium who loves connecting with your loved ones and providing you with evidence that they are not to far away.  She believes that we all can connect with our loved ones on the other side, all we have to do is ask for signs or symbol that relate to you and your loved one.

Jordie has worked on stage doing mediumship demonstrations for audiences around Australia, bringing through loved ones and providing proof of life after we transition to the spirit world.

Jordie’s psychic readings she blends with your energy to give you clarity on whats going on in every aspect of your life. Her Readings are in depth with an understanding that all Psychic readings are based on free will. As Jordie blends she gives concise information in all areas of life ie. Work, relationships, self care(health), Abundance(finance) and family that meet the greatest need of the client.

Jordie also works as a spiritual energy healer as she incorporates Reiki, Crystals and light trance healing to help with the metaphysical side of healing. She works with her guides and yours to see where the healing needs to be focused.

As a teacher Jordie  loves watching her students connect to their self awareness and build confidence in their natural gifts. As she believes everyone has the ability to connect and use their intuition in varies way in our everyday life. 

Jordie enjoys doing in person and online workshops. Since 2017 Jordie has ran Development Circles, One on one Mentoring from beginner to professionals want to step out into their own spiritual business and in 2019 taught on a cruise ship with 4 other beautiful teachers of Psychic and Mediumship.

One thing that she really enjoys is working for the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival that goes to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Jordie has been in the Psychic Room since 2015.

Jordie prides herself in being an open book in all things in metaphysical.

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My Services

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My readings consist of both psychic & mediumship depending on the greatest need of you. When booking you can request one over the other. 

Choose 45mins or 1hr sessions.

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My spiritual healing combine Reiki, crystals and energy. I start with balancing your chakras then with where I am drawn to heal.

Sessions run for 45mins.


When you book a group booking with Jordie there is a couple of different ways that they are done. Jordie can do a day of individual readings with times catering to your needs for the booking, then there is a Platform/demonstration of Mediumship then mini individual readings.  
Group bookings are a great way for getting friends and family together for a day of fun and healing. 

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One of my passions is teaching and mentoring students from psychic abilities to mediumship. Going through all aspects of the connection with spirit and trusting your own way of working with energy.

Workshops, Development Circle & One on One Mentoring.

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Opening Hours

Online & Face to face

Thursday 2pm to 6pm Online

Fridays 10am to 5pm Face to Face

Saturday 9.30pm to 1pm Face to Face

Saturdays 2pm to 5pm Online

Sundays 10am to 5pm Online

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